Realtors Choice Home Inspections

Realtors Choice Home Inspections

Home inspections shouldn’t bring uncertainty to the home buying process. I strive to inform, educate, and empower the home buyer to feel confident that the right decisions are being made for your family.

Proudly serving central Virginia including Orange, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Lake Anna, Warrenton, Stafford, Louisa, and everywhere in between.



I have gained a large amount of knowledge from my careers in engineering and construction as a Structural Engineer. As a result, I am proud to offer a variety of professional and quality services to fit you in your time of need.

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Residential Inspections

Fully encompassing inspections performed by a nationally accredited and licensed experienced inspector. Specifics include foundations, crawlspaces, basements, exteriors, interiors, major systems and appliances, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roof, and attics.

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Commercial Inspections

Comprehensive commercial inspections ensuring that all systems are safely operating, supporting structures are in proper working order, and the space is up to date on the latest accepted standards for safe and functioning occupancy.

Specialty Inspections

Some of the more specialized inspection offerings are structural, thermal imaging, pools and spas, irrigation and sprinkler system, radon inspections, and more.

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Structural Design

Offering a wide range of civil structural engineering services including residential inspections, manufactured home inspections, residential renovations or remodels, retaining wall design, construction administration, and permitting.

Who I Am

Alex Rayfield, P.E.

April 27, 2011 was a day unlike any other I’ve had on this Earth thus far. On that day over 200 tornadoes touched down in my home state of Alabama killing over 300 people. The worst one occurred right in my backyard of Tuscaloosa with winds topping 190 mph and over 1.5 miles wide. It was this natural disaster that really sparked a turning point in my life and helped give me direction with my schooling. I took this as a starting block for trying to help educate those in “tornado alley” and raise awareness of the devastating effects that these natural disasters can have on a city, community, and families alike.

Today, I’m helping homeowners understand where they live, why the structure in which they call “home” is built the way it is, and why such stringent rules and codes are in place and enforced. I help bring peace-of-mind to each homeowner I work with so they can sleep soundly in a structure that they trust will keep them and their loved ones safe.


Proven quality by giving the client what they want and they’re proud to talk about it!

My wife and I had found the home we wanted. We received three recommendations for home inspectors. Fortunately, we contacted Realtors Choice Home Inspections. Alex was professional, polite, and thorough. He was on time for the appointment, stayed focused on the job and kept us well informed. The report was finished ahead of time and he then followed up to ensure we were satisfied with his work. We highly recommend Realtors Choice.
Joe and Emily J. (May 5, 2020)
Locust Grove
We chose to purchase a house that we knew would be in need of some repairs. Having a thorough home inspection was absolutely crucial to us, as we have a limited budget and would have needed to walk away from the “as is” purchase if it was discovered that there was a major repair outside of our budget. We chose Alex with Realtor’s Choice, and were so happy with our decision! His inspection was incredibly in depth. He answered all of our questions before, during and after the inspection. We were able to go along with him as he pointed out the various things he wanted to bring to our attention. Alex arrived to the house before us to begin his assessment, and was there to greet us when we arrived to the inspection. He was very polite and professional. His thorough explanations have given us a peace of mind that is invaluable during the home buying process. The inspection report that we received after the fact arrived quickly, and included all of the details that were discussed during the inspection, including photos! We are now able to buy our new home with confidence. Thank you Alex!
Julie H. (May 10, 2020)
As a first-time home buyer, I can truly say that working with Alex was a pleasure. I will refer him to anybody looking for a good-quality home inspector. Super thorough and professional. He went above and beyond. I will always use Alex for future home inspections.
Emily L. (May 29, 2020)
We are so pleased with Alex's thorough inspection. The care and passion he brought to his work was evident in his finished report and his meticulous explanations. He was prompt, professional, and polite and we would gladly use his services again and will surely recommend him to our friends.
Ethan & Kelly B. (June 16, 2020)
Warm Springs